The dominance of consumerist and capitalistic lifestyles in our time has led not only to destructions enacted on our own habitat, but also to a loss of empathic understandings of other human and nonhuman worlds on which we depend. 

We isolate ourselves from the worlds around us, losing a real sense of the earthly consequences of our actions. This is manifested in our architecture, which predominantly promotes sealed interiors that prioritise certain normative ways of human life, exacerbating the very state of ecological crisis we find ourselves in. In viewing architectural space as a commodity for homogenization and consumption, we leave little space for divergent or subversive cultural and ecological modes of expression - for other ways of being and living.

We call instead for an architecture that is kind in its approach to life. 

Being sustainable is the bare minimum! Kind architecture nourishes and provides refuge for diverse ways of being and living with each other. It re-thinks, re-situates, and re-makes architecture in ways that prioritize other-than-capital values; those of the old and the new. It is porous in its spatial attitude. It celebrates lifeworld, coexistence, beauty, and time. 

Kind architecture heightens the perception of human-nonhuman entanglements in built environments. It facilitates a renewed socio-cultural disposition that leads to a more liveable Earth-future.

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