Kind Architecture is an ongoing research project by architects and researchers Sareh Saeidi and Matthew Dylan Anderson,

currently under development.


Matthew Anderson, Sareh Saeidi and Erik Eikehaug. "A Manifesto for Kind Architecture." Safe Space Zine, no. 6: A Queer Practice of Architecture, October 2021.

Sareh Saeidi, Matthew Anderson. "Unbuilt Land Revisited." In Place-based Sustainability, edited by Jason Montgomery.

Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, upcoming.

Sareh Saeidi, Matthew Anderson. "Kind Atmospheres." (ongoing)

Matthew Anderson, Sareh Saeidi. "Niches In-between: Design explorations on kind architectural envelopes." (ongoing)

Matthew Anderson, Sareh Saeidi. "Extended Sensuosities." (ongoing)

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