We call for an architecture

that acknowledges coexistence as essential to a liveable Earth-future;

that allows beings of different kinds to live in vibrant solidarity and symbiosis; 

that rejects exploitation;

that merges cultures and ecologies;

that expands and stretches notions of community to include all kinds of beings;

that provides refuge;

that is tentative and dynamic; 

that is hybrid and indefinite and prone to change and growth; 

that fosters sensuous contact with local natural environments;

that provides rich intermediary spaces for co-inhabitation;

that supports modes of expression characterized by porosity and openness;

that is an architecture of and for life;

that is kind.

We call for a kind architecture.

Extract from Matthew Anderson, Sareh Saeidi and Erik Eikehaug. "A Manifesto for Kind Architecture." Safe Space Zine, no. 6: A Queer Practice of Architecture, October 2021.

download and read the full manifesto here

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